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  • Bubble Bath, Nora Fok, 2001. Photo: Heini Schneebeli

Bubble Bath by Nora Fok

Chosen by Rachel Coldicutt, co-founder of caper and Maker’s Guild

We ask makers, curators, designers, creative practitioners and the Crafts Council team to select their favourite object from the Crafts Council Collection and to tell us why.

Rachel Coldicutt, digital consultant & creative producer, co-founder of caper and Maker’s Guild, says

Bubble Bath is a beautiful, contradictory piece that unites the natural and synthetic, giving a permanent, robust form to the gossamer and a transient quality – a wearable piece that will both transform, and be transformed by, the wearer. Fok’s materials and techniques create interplay between the magical and everyday. Nylon microfilament, otherwise used for fishing tackle, is knitted around her son’s toy marbles, giving a durability and complexity to remembered childhood bubbles. It’s a sculptural remembrance of play, a unification of the innocent and the contrived, a meeting of science and art.

Bubble Bath, Nora Fok, 2001. Photo: Heini Schneebeli

About this object

Date of making: 2001
Date of acquisition: 2007
Technique/Process: Jewellery making, hand-knitting
Materials: Nylon thread
Dimensions: H75mm x Diameter 550mm
Collection Number: J283

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