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Craft Club Annual Survey

Last year we asked Craft Club leaders to fill out a short survey to help us find out some information about your Craft Clubs. 

This year we have two questionnaires, one for Craft Club leaders and another for Craft Club members.

Craft Club Leader Survey:

If you are a Craft Club leader, please tell us all about you by filling out this survey:

When you complete the survey, find the code at the end for a chance to win a HUGE crafty hamper full of materials for you and your Craft Club! Simply send the code to participation@craftscouncil.org.uk when you have finished.

Craft Club Member Survey:

 This year we have another survey which helps us get to know a bit more about who goes to a Craft Club.

 If you attend a Craft Club please could you fill in our Craft Club Member Survey here:


 There’s a chance for you to win something too! We have 5 £30 Hobbycraft vouchers up for grabs! All you need to do is complete the online survey find the code at the end, then send it to participation@craftscouncil.org.uk when you have finished.

 If you have any questions about this, please do get in touch! These surveys are a huge help and are invaluable to the future of Craft Club!