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Directory Maker of the Week: Eva Fernandez-Martos

Eva Fernandez-Martos is exhibiting at Tendence fair, Frankfurt from 24 - 27 June

Our Directory Maker of the Week is Eva Fernandez-Martos. Eva was selected to take part in our Hothouse 2017 programme and is exhibiting at Tendence fair in Frankfurt from 24 - 27 June 2017. Eva talks to us about what got her into making, what inspires her and her favourite part of the making process.

Who or what got you into making?

Since I was a child, I always loved drawing and even more making things with my hands. When I chose my first degree in engineering, I chose the practical side of making, probably drawn by economic stability and social pressure. As I grew older, I started feeling more and more that I wanted to do something more creative, something that I could express myself with and communicate with people, and I decided to re-orientate my career into the creative field.

Among the different strands of craft/design/art, the main reason why I was drawn into jewellery is because of its closeness with people. I feel attracted by any form of art/design in general. However, I feel that other types of arts seem to be sometimes disconnected with people. I also see the connection between jewellery and people as a kind of performance or staging of the wearer and the piece of jewellery, which I find a quite unique combination between art and people. That is why I always try to portray my work with a particular person in a certain scenario so that my message is complete.

Could you please tell us a bit about your work?

The meaning is at the heart of my work. I feel very strong about politics and social matters and I channel my feelings and thoughts through my work. With my work, I try to raise socio-political issues and make people think and question things. Even though my work seems to be dark, there is a comical twist to it, because I think that at the end of the day you have to take things with humour, even the darkest forecasts.

Another form of questioning and challenging I practise in my work is through the use of unconventional materials and techniques.  A lot of my inspiration comes from our manufactured environment, and I have adopted a variety of materials and processes from it and blend them with handcrafted ones. With those different elements as the foundation, my work mostly takes the form of ordinary objects (or features of them) taken out of their usual contexts or configurations in order to portray social and political stories. The uncommon material palette of these pieces blends with their intriguing characteristics, conveying stories featured by my mutated objects.

What are your inspirations?

On one side, I take strong inspiration from our man-made environment. We are submersed in an overflowing man-made world of objects which pass fleetingly through our lives without acknowledgement. I believe that our society has become blind to its material surroundings driven by our obsession for the next possession. With my work I would like to be able to influence people’s perception of our material surroundings. 

On the other side, I take inspiration from what happens around us, society, politics… I think the concept is very important in my work, and this is taken from current matters that catch my attention for different reasons.

What is your favourite part of the making process?

I really enjoy the whole process of materialising ideas into something tangible. That is for me a kind of a luxury. Many jobs are limited to parts of a whole process, while a designer/maker has the privilege of being able to create something that started as one’s own idea into something physical. No wonder artists feel so personal and vulnerable about their work!

I also enjoy the influence of the making in the design process, how materials and processes have their ‘say’ into the design and will partially lead the final outcome as if the designer/maker doesn’t have a final ‘word’ on the outcome.

What are you working on right now?

Right now I am putting together some new work for a design fair in Frankfurt (‘Tendence 2017’) where my work will be displayed in a solo stand in the Talents section. As part of the same event, my work has also been selected for the ‘Form for Craft and Industry’ exhibition organised by Bundesverband Kunsthandwerk e. V. (German Arts and Crafts Association).  I am looking forward to this event to see how my work is received at this international standing event.

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See Eva Fernandez-Martos' work at Tendence in Frankfurt from 24 - 27 June 2017

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