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  • 'Ritual Form' series, Gizella K Warburton

Directory Maker of the Week: Gizella K Warburton

Gizella K Warburton is exhibiting in Craft Forms until 28 January

Our Directory Maker of the Week, Gizella K Warburton talks to us about getting into making, what inspires her and what she loves most about her work

Who or what got you into making?

Drawing, painting and making was something I always did as a child, and visits to richly diverse arts and culture exhibitions and museums where tactile objects inspired a particular curiosity. Over time this led to studying art and design through Foundation, Degree and Postgraduate qualifications, and eventually to developing my own practice.

Tell us a bit about your work

My work has a raw and simple materiality, with layers of detail that are revealed or hidden as light and shadow pass across and through the surfaces. Abstract compositions evolve through the tactile and contemplative process of drawing with paper, cloth and thread. Mark making is an intrinsic part of my practice: shadowed, scratched, stained, scarred, pierced, wrapped and stitched. I often work in 'series', exploring the relationship of 'one to other', be it through material qualities, spatial balance, depth of tone, surface detail. At present, a palette of 'paleness' and 'darkness' continues to intrigue me and distils my focus. Framed, hanging and sculptural artworks and installations include works on slate and weathered wood grounds, printed and woven elements, and sculptural forms and vessels. Ongoing developments evolve as three dimensional drawings incorporating paint, charcoal, fibre and other mixed media elements.

What are your inspirations?

What I see, what I sense; visual details within the land, the skies, the seas, the movement of light and shadow, and its profound effects on the resonant physicality of objects and surfaces. I have always found ancient and primitive artefacts and vessel forms particularly compelling; the palpable work of the hand in the carved wood and beaten metal, and the worn simplicity of the weaving, stitching, binding and repairing. I am drawn to materials which suggest a fragile balance; strength and legacy, yet vulnerable to wear and tear, permeating them with their own intrinsic tactile qualities. Perhaps, through responding to these elemental vibrations and in creating work, there is an innate urge to express what it is to be human, to decipher the meaning of our physical and emotional landscapes, and the transient nature of the warp and weft of our lives;

‘a line changes in relation to the materials it touches, as it travels, encircles, wraps and pierces, and the fibres, creases and shadows of paper, textile, stone, and eroded surfaces, form their own linear traceries. The harmonies or tensions created by the way a line meets, crosses, disappears, or is interwoven with others, resonates with my own experiences of relationships and places.’

‘we are borne along on the tides...at times steering, at times floating, at times adrift, at times drowning…’

What is your favourite part of the making process?

My relationship with making is visceral...I ‘feel’ where the work emanates from, and is leading, as much as I ‘see’ it. Being lost in the rhythms and tactile intimacy of drawing, sculpting, stitching and weaving grounds me.

What are you working on right now?

 A series of new vessel forms are nearing completion, and there are also wall works in progress.

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Visit Craft Forms until 28 January 2017

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