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Directory Maker of the Week: BeatWoven

BeatWoven is currently exhibiting in a London Craft Week showcase at Harrods

Our Directory Maker of the Week, BeatWoven (aka Nadia-Anne Ricketts) talks to us about getting into making, what inspires her and her favourite part of the making process.

Who or what got you into making?

My love for being creative through Art and Design. It's something have been doing most of my life, so it comes naturally to me.

Could you please tell us a bit about your work?

I am really fascinated with the idea of manifesting music into a tangible form so we can enjoy a new way of experiencing it, through digital tools, innovation and art/design. Also how this interplays with patterns, old crafts such as weaving and lifestyle applications such as interior spaces and fashion. BeatWoven is a practice that helps to tie the worlds of art, craft, music, fashion, textiles and design together by communicating how music is constructed of invisible sonic mathematical patterns which can be fused with the textiles world. Although I have a high-end couture fabric range called The White Label, my passion is working on commissioned one-off projects and collaborations. I feel these are more personable and fit perfectly with what I am trying to give to people in terms of a tangible, decorative moment or memory from music.

What are your inspirations?

Music, and the stories behind the music and its meaning. Whether from a musicology/historic point of view of the artist or the lyrics and meaning behind a song. I feel this helps motivate the depth of my work. Architecture has always been an inspiration to my woven textiles in terms of aesthetic form, materials and geometrics.

What is your favourite part of the making process?

My favourite part of the making process is translating the music into patterns and playing with those with colour, and composition. I never really know what pattern I will get until the song is translated, so it's always a surprise, and then I enjoy taking this form and making it look good.

What are you working on right now?

I am currently working on an art commission for the Queen Mary University Graduation Centre, design by Wilkinson Eyre Architects, as well as working with the Firepit Tech team at Warner Music UK. I am also working on developing the concept and product for the Arabic market place as tessellated geometric, woven fabric fits perfectly into the Arabic art aesthetic.


BeatWoven has collaborated with Firepit Tech, Warner Music UK’s innovation lab to create a piece of art inspired by David Bowie’s legendary song “Let’s Dance” which is currently on show at Harrod's as part of London Craft Week.

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