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Let’s Put Craft Back in Schools

We want to give 10,000 young people the chance to learn craft skills in school     


“One girl previously said she wanted to work at McDonalds but was able to see other career paths after this project.”                                                                    Robert Young, teacher, Braidwood Trust School for the Deaf   

Arts education in the UK is declining. And quickly. Over the last ten years uptake of craft-related GCSEs has fallen by 23%. So we decided to take action and put craft and making back into schools across the UK.

In just one year of Make Your Future we have enriched the lives and education of over 900 young people and given more than 50 teachers, the skills to deliver craft education.

Make Your Future is our hands-on learning programme connecting traditional craft skills with science and digital technologies in secondary schools. We bring together secondary schools and makers to mash-up traditional and digital making skills in the classroom. It gives young people a passion for craft and teachers the confidence to pass on these skills.


Braidwood School’s story

Braidwood teachers and students learn about making together

This year Make Your Future went to Braidwood Trust School for the Deaf in Birmingham. Currently they have no Design Technology department and limited ability to deliver craft in the school. Professional jeweller Samantha Chilton spent four days helping the students at Braidwood to make colourful anodised aluminium jewellery. Samantha was assisted by teacher Robert Young and Maral Mamaghani, a jewellery MA student who is also Deaf and uses British Sign Language.

The Braidwood students were totally inspired by the experience of handling and transforming new materials into jewellery. By meeting Maral and making the jewellery they saw that being Deaf did not narrow their ability to master craft skills. For the first time they saw craft as a potential future career. After seeing the impact the making had on students and accessing the course we provided at Birmingham School of Jewellery, Braidwood teacher Robert Young has since invested in jewellery making equipment.

Braidwood students proudly displayed their work at the Make Your Future summer exhibition at Birmingham School of Jewellery's Vittoria Street Gallery, alongside creations from five other participating schools. 

“Often the arts can be moved sideways by some schools, to their detriment. The fact is that art enriches life. You have to remember that actually what we’re dealing with are human beings who are going to become adults. And they will need rich lives.”  Karen Saywood, Headteacher, Braidwood Trust School for the Deaf

We want to share more stories of young people inspired by making like the pupils of Braidwood. Help us give over 10,000 young people across UK the chance to meet makers and learn new craft skills. 

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Watch our film about the first year of Make Your Future: