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  • 'As above, so below', Daniel Lobb. Photo: Gorm Ashurst


Siobhan Davies Dance Studios presents a season of events that brings together horticulturalists, artists, architects and choreographers

Human-Nature focuses on the relationship between people and plants, as artistic director, Siobhan Davies explains ‘We are as much natural material as plants are and it is our nature to create within all the materials we can reach.’

First up, Daniel Lobb creates As above, so below, a system of plant colonies sustained by the humidity generated from the sweat and breath of the dancers at work (15 May – 21 September). Next to move into the Studios will be ceramist Kim Norton (Crafts Council Hothouse 3) which includes her wall installation, Lines, Levels, Layers made of locally gathered clay and soil (18 July – 21 September).

On 25 July, Norton will be in conversation with willow-weaver Laura Ellen Bacon. Beyond these exhibitions there are plenty of other events, workshops and performances from guerrilla gardening to medicine meadows scheduled within the Human-Nature series so keep an eye on the website.