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  • Cut Microbe, Rogan Brown

Invisible You

The Eden Project has commissioned 11 artworks for its new permanent exhibition

The Eden Project explores the ecosystem of the human body in its new permanent exhibition Invisible You. While the prospect of bacteria, fungi and viruses might not sound immediately appealing, work like Rogan Brown's intricate paper cuts offer a beautiful view on the subject. Rebecca D Harris has created an embroidered textile hanging representing the various microbial communities within the body while automata maker Paul Spooner focused on 'stories from the mouth and gut'. Dance collaborations and sound installations sit alongside these handmade pieces to make up the 11 commissions.

'We are really excited about the diversity of work that has been put together.' says Eden's Interpretation Director Jo Elworth, 'We have fabulous collaborations between artists and scientists, and will be presenting an amazing collection of new artworks. You may even be able to see what your microbiome looks like, with your own belly-button portrait.

Invisible You opened at the Eden Project on 22 May 2015 and is a year-long exhibition

Phage Detail 2, Aimee Lax