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  • Miss Ramirez, El Ultimo Grito, 2007. Crafts Council Collection (W155). Photo: Heini Schneebeli

Miss Ramirez by El Ultimo Grito

Chosen by Michael Berg, Creative Director at The Hospital Club

We ask makers, curators, designers, creative practitioners and the Crafts Council team to select their favourite object from the Crafts Council Collection and to tell us why.

I am fascinated by this chair. The closer you look, the more you realise how many different layers and facets it has, like its roller blade-style wheels, its distinctive moulded seat and its similarities to a Birkenstock shoe. Its shape and design suggests it’s a chair for relaxation and reflection, but I’m drawn to its quirkiness and practicality too.

Post disciplinary studio El Ultimo Grito numbers Rosario Hurtado and Roberto Feo. Their work questions our relationships with objects and culture, exploring them across disciplines in projects ranging from interiors to graphics.

In Miss Ramirez Chair the elements of mainstream creative practice that are now so familiar - film quotes, playful references and unsettling cultural juxtapositions – all come together. The chair is named after the Spanish-speaking bar owner in the 1952 Western ‘High Noon’. The materials were based on the Birkenstock shoe, which is made from cork chips derived from waste produced in Spain. These are mixed with latex and then pressed into a mould to create Miss Ramirez's seat. Little wheels reminiscent of roller blades add humour to the piece and allow it to move easily around a small space. 

Miss Ramirez by El Ultimo Grito is currently shown as part of the Twelve Tall Tales exhibition at The Hospital Club until 29 August 2016.

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