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My London Design Festival 2018

London Design Festival (LDF) took place from 15-23 September, with many events going on in London and lots of craft to see! In this blog Joyce Zale, a member of the Crafts Council’s Young People’s programme, talks about her highlights from the V&A and Fortnum and Mason.

A day at the V&A
The first thing I really enjoyed at the V&A was looking at the abstract vases in the ceramics room (they were more like modern sculptures, but the exhibition was titled ‘Vase and Cover’). There were many unique pieces and each piece proves how far clay and be manipulated to form a wide variety of shapes.

In the corner of the room, I spotted this amazing sculpture. I don't think it was part of the ‘Vase and Cover’ exhibition, but for me it was definitely a highlight. It looked quite creepy yet beautiful, and I was drawn to it because the artist used anime and manga as an inspiration.

From left to right: ‘Red twisted form’ by Merete Rasmussen. ‘A Snow Lady Gourd’ by Kate Malone. ‘The Severed Head’ by James Rigler. ‘Girl Baptised in Gold’ by Kim Simonsson

Afterwards I visited MultiPly, a maze-like house made out of laminated tulipwood. This house was designed to address the need for housing and to fight climate change. The house was fun to explore with a nice view at the top of the building. However, personally I would not want to live in a house like this, because I don't like the idea of tulipwood and the stairs look dangerous!

From left to right: ‘MultiPly’ by Waugh Thistleton Architects and Arup. ‘Dazzle’ by Studio Pentagram and 14-18 NOW. 

My final highlight at the V&A was Dazzle in the Creative Studio by design studio Pentagram and 14-18 NOW. The pattern, inspired by an experimental camouflage used during the First World War, was printed onto the walls, floors and windows in the studio. It was definitely very dazzling to look at!

My Dream Dining Set
I rarely visit Fortnum and Mason, but I had to come during LDF to see this beautiful dining set installation by Scholten & Baijings called ‘Time for Tea’.  This design set includes furniture made by Scandinavian and Japanese designers. I just love pastel colours! I dream that one day I will have filled my house with pastel coloured furniture and decorations like these.

‘Time for Tea’ by Scholten & Baijings

Overall, I enjoyed the London Design Festival. Visiting the V&A during LDF week had made me realize how large their collection is. I often visit there, but I hadn't realised before that there was a creative studio or a ceramics room. The LDF also encouraged me to visit places I rarely go to, such as Fortnum and Mason. I also found myself going into small furniture stores that I would normally pass by. There is so much craft to get inspiration from! I will definitely attend this event next year.

Find out more about the Crafts Council Young People's programme here and follow them on Twitter here.

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