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Our Misshapes Takeover

On 28th of July, Young Craft Citizens members took over the Misshapes: The Making of Tatty Devine exhibition at the Lethaby Gallery. YCC member Megan tells us how it went: 

YCC having a pre-session discussion with Poppy

A couple of months ago in one of our meetings we were told about this opportunity to work with Tatty Devine at their upcoming show, ‘Misshapes’, at the Lethaby gallery. We were given a pack of sticky notes and pretty much free-rein to come up with as many ideas as we can for ways our Young People could get involved. And then we were given a budget. While a silent disco and fully-equipped, on hand photo booth would be sick, our photo-wall and handmade props got us even more involved and thinking about practical solutions to some of the limitations we had.

Our rebels from history proudly modelling some finished badges

We started with a timeframe which allowed us to figure out the things which needed to be done in which order to keep us on track. It was really interesting to visually work back from our event date and felt much more effective than my usual last-minute-rustle-something-up technique. We decided to base the theme of our workshop around a few main ideas which run through the exhibition itself focusing on Tatty Devine’s punk aesthetic and the celebration of female rebels throughout history. We planned to illustrate cardboard cut-outs of these female icons alongside zines and a ‘which rebel are you?’ quiz. 

We photocopied zines about each rebel and a quiz to find out which one people most identified with

Loads of visitors were already big fans of our rebels from history 

There was also a photo-wall with the props we made, guided tours by Tatty Devine super fans and a commissioned maker, Poppy Chancellor, to run a badge making workshop which you could then pin on our rebel cut-outs. My job was to make the zines and grab a couple of jackets for Angela Davis, Malala, Millicent Fawcett and Ada Lovelace. My boyfriend was very confused when I asked him if this jacket suited Malala, but ultimately was a nice change to my usual charity shop run.

Tatty Devine super-fan Jools Walker gave a talk about what the brand means to her

The day itself went amazing! The illustrated cut-outs by far were the best part, they were so beautifully illustrated by some of the craft group and were brought to life as they stood up, human size, joining in with our workshop.  The venue, Kings Cross, was definitely a tricky one to get the busy people off the streets in and involved but when they did come they seemed to love it. All the kids were happily making a lovely pile of card and fabric, telling me that they were Ada Lovelace and then pinning their badges on her yellow raincoat.  By the end of the day our rebel cut-outs were adorned with beautiful pieces of art and Angela Davis never looked so good in her decorated denim jacket. Malala has yet to reply to our tagged photo of her on twitter but I’m sure she’s moments away from joining the YCC after seeing this workshop!