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  • On-site during Place Making residency

Place Making

Makers, architects and students collaborating on creating places

Place Making: Makers and Architects in Collaboration was a partnership project between the Crafts Council and Design South East (formerly Kent Architecture Centre) with the University of Kent, School of Arts as delivery partner.

Following invited proposals makers were teamed with architects for an on-site two-day residency at The Historic Dockyard Chatham in March 2012. Six teams each comprising of a maker and an architect worked on an open brief to work on a proposal for the last major undeveloped site in the former Royal Naval Dockyard. Each team was joined by a student from the Fine Art course at the School of Arts, providing them with a live learning opportunity. 

The brief for the Place Making residency was left wide open in order to allow for a wide range of interpretation. Rather than request a tangible outcome the residency encouraged exploration and experimentation in order to see how specialist skills and understanding of materials could be utilised to maximum impact. 

The projects sought to explore the shaping of place and consider the following questions:

  • How can the specialist understanding of materials and skills influence the built environment?
  • What does the meaning of preciousness or consideration of scale have on making a place special?
  • What impact can creative input have on local distinctiveness within place?
  • What kinds of places and communities can emerge from these collaborations?

The teams documented their explorations through film, photography, audio, drawing and making and presented to the whole group at the end of the two day residency. 

Project teams

Group 1
Jon Akers Coyle, architect 
Lee Borthwick, maker
Alexandra Hanschell, student

Group 2
Simon Barker, architect
Ismini Samanidou, maker 
Charlotte Smith, student 
Nathan Hawthorne, student   

Group 3
Jane Fowles, architect
Rebecca Gouldson, maker
Maria Treadwell, studenet 

Group 4
Kasan Goh, architect
Lin Cheung, maker
Martin Trowbridge, student 

Group 5
Nayan Kulkarni, architect
Eleanor Pritchard, maker
Sophie Dixon, student 

Group 6
Jonathon McDowell, architect
Duncan Hooson, maker
Ben Crawford, studen

Watch the film

Fidgetbox captured the two-day residency