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  • Design Days Dubai 2015. Photo: Francis John Contreras

The EU Referendum

A message from Rosy Greenlees

The Crafts Council will be seeking advice from Arts Council England and the Creative Industries Federation as the implications of the leave vote become clearer for craft and arts. The Crafts Council conducted a survey in the spring on makers thoughts about the impact of EU membership on craft. In responses (24) questions were raised by makers about possible changes to how they import and export materials and whether insurance premiums would increase in the event of the UK leaving the EU. There were also queries about a possible reduction in health and safety regulations. While nearly 40% of respondents had enjoyed opportunities to show or sell work in Europe, the rest had not experienced this. A slightly smaller percentage had benefited from an EU-funded arts project or business development programme. The majority of respondents were not members of any European organisations.

The Crafts Council partner with many international organisations such as the World Crafts Council, Kaunas Biennial, Design Miami and we welcome galleries and makers to COLLECT each year. We will continue to work in Europe and beyond and encourage such international partnerships.