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  • The Golden Fleece Headpiece, Giovanni Corvaja, 2009, 22 carat and 18 carat gold. Courtesy of Adrian Sassoon, London

The Golden Fleece by Giovanni Corvaja

What is Luxury? Object in Focus

Giovanni Corvaja’s The Golden Fleece headpiece is part of a series of unprecedented objects inspired by the Greek myth of Jason and the Argonauts, who try to capture a rare golden-haired ram to present as a gift to their king – a near impossible task. Corvaja spent over ten years perfecting techniques of transforming gold into thread. This headpiece was intricately woven together using 160 kilometres of superfine threads. It took 2,500 hours to make.

Making the The Golden Fleece headpiece

The images below were captured in Corvaja’s studio and show various stages of the production process: 

Giovanni Corvaja

Visit Giovanni Corvaja's website

Words by Jana Scholze and Leanne Wierzba, curators of What is Luxury? a Crafts Council and V&A partnership exhibition supported by Northacre at the V&A until 27 September 2015

Giovanni Corvaja's The Golden Fleece is a featured item within the What is Luxury? exhibition 

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