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  • Bruce Munro, Beacon at Long Knoll, Wiltshire, 2012. Images courtesy of Waddesdon Manor

Winter Light

Bruce Munro's latest work opens at Waddesdon Manor

Munro's latest exhibition is set within the grounds of Waddesdon Manor and for the first time includes an installation in the house. The long-standing collaboration with Waddesdon sees the artist again transform the gardens with a series of intriguing light works including the Field of Light, an iteration of his work created to commemorate the First World War and Good Seed, a monumental sculpture constructed from 19 Victorian lamp-posts.

In the house's White Drawing Room, Munro will be showing a new piece called Snow Code which is inspired by the many Inuit words for 'snow', combining light, language, technology and sound into one installation. Munro writes: “I recently discovered that the Inuit people have nineteen (plus) words for snow.  I asked myself how such a climatic frozen deposit could be so diverse in description, but I soon learned that the meaning of ‘snow’ encompasses a whole range of states of frozen precipitation. I find the idea rather poetic.”

Winter Light is at Waddesdon Manor until 4 January 2015


River of Light by Bruce Munro, Waddesdon Manor. Image courtesy of Waddesdon Manor