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Claire Curneen

Claire Curneen’s sculptures are poignant reflections on the nature of humanity and our precarious place within it.

Universal themes of loss, suffering and sacrifice underlie her intricate, porcelain figures, their translucent and fragile qualities offering potent metaphors through which to consider the human condition. ‘Tending the Fires ‘is an ambitious new work created for Collect Open. Curneen has constructed a porcelain diorama where figures jostle with birds, trees, branches and broken pottery; the status quo has been disrupted. Tension arises as the decorative and unadorned, elaborate and raw all come together in this fragmented reality…

Claire Curneen, Tending the Fires. 2016,  H50xW40xL250 cm, Porcelain  Photo: Dewi Tannantt Lloyd