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Mark Eley

“Eley Kishimoto…the patron saints of print”

London-based print studio Eley Kishimoto, established in 1992 by Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto, has gained global notoriety through a plethora of outputs ranging from fashion and interiors to diverse architectural and design collaborations.  Although initially earned as a result of their vibrant fashion collections, the company’s renown has become associated with their freedom to decorate anything and everything. It is this design aesthetic that is key to their works’ identity.

Living by the maxim “Print The World", Eley Kishimoto have always strived to create work with unique creative flair that rejects passing trends and fads, retaining a strong rooting in craft by screen printing product by hand in-house. Having previously produced bespoke and commercial furniture, furnishings and homewares alongside their seasonal fashion collections, their projects represent the latest incarnations of a continually evolving design concept and a visceral exploration of surface decoration.

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