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Emily Gardiner

Emily Gardiner

The embodiment of the intangible and the physicality of matter are at the heart of my practice.  

I am particularly concerned with the physical manifestation of catharsis as a way of rationalising trauma and the co-dependency of ‘body’ and ‘self’.  The perceived dependency of one on the other gives rise to conflict in the struggle for liberation.  I explore this relationship through the physicality of materials.  Challenging the relationship between glaze and clay body by allowing the glaze to take on a more physical form exposes interesting states of tension, dependence, containment and liberation; a nascent catharsis of matter.

I work mainly in stoneware and porcelain, the black pieces are press-moulded stoneware and the white pieces are slipcast porcelain.  Over several months, I developed a viscous glaze that is controlled by a number of factors, the most significant being heatwork in the kiln.  In order for the glaze to flow in a particular way, skilled manipulation in the kiln is required. I can control the characteristics of the flow to a certain degree, but there is always an element of unpredictability.  Each piece is unique and characterful.

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