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Gregory Epps

Gregory Epps is the founder of RoboFold and one of the first people to appropriate robotics for applications in design and architecture

He graduated from the Innovation Design Engineering joint masters at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. 

Gregory is involved in both industry and academia. His clients vary from Zaha Hadid Architects, Foster and Partners, to Joris Laarman and BMW and he has taught at over 100 international work-shops and lectures, including Smart Geometry, 60SME, the Architectural Association DRL, Rens-selaer Polytechnic Institute, IaaC, the Bartlett, ETH Zurich and many more. 

Gregory is the co-organiser of the Shape To Fabrication conference and was previously Chair of the Workshops for the Advances in Architectural Geometry.  

In addition to RoboFold, Gregory has launched Robots.IO as an industrial robotics consultancy, offering robotic expertise and developing bespoke robot simulation software and solutions. Robot-s.IO uses their software to build robust industrial solutions for a broad range of clients, in manufac-turing, medical, entertainment, architecture and design.  The robotic software makes it possible for professionals and academics to create their own robotic solutions without expert knowledge of robotics programming. 



Gregory Epps will be featuring in Session 3 - Tools

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