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Hannah Robson

Hannah Robson constructs sculptural textile pieces using combinations of weaving and lace-making, exploring how threads can escape the traditional vertical and horizontal pathways imposed by the loom.

She creates opportunities for threads of metal, paper and polyester to break away from woven surfaces, taking alternative routes and joining together in three-dimensional forms. She exploits the tensions between rigorously controlled constructions and free-flowing loose threads, balancing structure and chaos.

This installation – inspired by the story ‘Ersilia’ in Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities – focuses on making invisible connections tangible. The work combines contrasting properties: two versus three dimensions, light versus shadow, reflective versus matt materials.

Hannah Robson, Twists, 2017, Polyester yarn and copper wire, 35 x 5 x 44 cm, Photo: Hannah Robson