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Jochen Holz

Jochen Holz

My work consists mainly of lampworked glass, a technique of glassblowing which originated with the development of scientific laboratory ware during the 20th Century.

I specialise in free blowing coloured and clear borosilicate glass. I created my own style of working over the years, exploring the creative potential of this technique.  My work shifted from a fine art based thinking to a more functional and design based practice. 

I tend to make most decisions during the making, leaving a door open for things to happen and to allow a certain improvisational flow into the work.It's about navigating the possibilities and restrictions of the material, identifying a palette of successful 'moves', and staying very much in the present. Improvisation means always also the risk of failure, which energises the process and keeps my practice alive. At the moment I am working a lot with  a technique of shaping and texturing glass cylinders using metal or wooden surfaces. Every piece is distinctively different. I am also using coloured and clear glass sections and blowing, combining them into one piece, so called incalmo glass. Recently I also started doing some neon pieces, whereby I make the glass and I get it filled in a neon workshop.

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