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Julie Massie

Julie Massie has taken inspiration for her work from the fragile edges of waves breaking onto the coastline. 

Strong and destructive waves are the primary shapers of the coastline, usually in the winter when the sea is cold and grey, intermingled with blues. These colours are reflected within her final outcomes. Her work also explores the senses, especially touch, sight and sound. Physical touch is the fundamental element of human development and culture and she enjoys watching people’s reactions when they touch her work. What does it feel like, what does it sound like or will it break? For Collect Open 2017, Julie has created an installation of panels made up of ceramic tiles with fragile edges representing the beauty and importance of this eroding landscape by the sea. The audience are invited to walk between the panels so that their senses become submerged
with the artwork.

Julie Massie, Oval Edges, 2016,   H80√óW80 cm, porcelain  Photo: Jay Simpson