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Mah Rana

Meanings and Attachments, 2002 - present
Collaborative archive project

During the Acts of Making festival, Rana held a series of live events where the public were invited to contribute their personal stories connected to the Meanings and Attachments jewellery archive.  Meanings and Attachments is a public participatory project in which the Mah Rana invites the public to contribute their personal stories connected to jewellery to her archive.  

Acts of Making, Gateshead.  Mah Rana, Meanings and Attachements, 2002.  Photo: Sophie Mutevelian.

The project:
Since 2002 Mah Rana has been creating a valuable and wide-reaching archive that reflects the importance of owning, giving and wearing jewellery throughout our lives. Through the Meanings and Attachments project, Rana collects and documents personal stories connected to jewellery. 

Mah Rana has collected hundreds of stories from around the world for this project. This significant body of work highlights the importance she places within her practice on collaboration with the public.

The live events: 
Live events were held at St. Leonard’s Church (Bilston), Gateshead Central Library, Plymstock Library and Plymouth Central Library, during the Acts of Making festival.  At the start of the festival at each venue, Mah Rana invited people to record their jewellery story and to have their photograph taken wearing their chosen piece.  During the festival the images were displayed alongside the contributed stories and after the close of the festival, they were added to the Meanings and Attachments archive.

Meanings and Attachments, Mah Rana, Shipley Art Gallery, 2015. Photo: Sophie Mutevelian

About the artist:
Mah Rana’s research-based work explores the ways in which we use jewellery to mark occasions and events, both significant and everyday. Trained as both a jeweller and psychologist, her work has developed into a unique blend of public participation, performance, art and healthcare. Mah Rana uses jewellery as a starting point to explore ideas about value, communication and personal and collective histories.

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