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Marcin Rusak

Marcin Rusak

My work is placed at the intersection of value, ephemerality and aesthetics.

I try to study contemporary patterns of consumption, industry methods of manipulation, and the complicated systems we support. In the pursuit of authenticity, I try to create work that asks questions, references history and proposes possible future scenarios. Utilizing the power of materials, volume and form I move fluidly from decorative art objects to sculptures, two dimensional work and back again each time with a story as my guide.

Most recently my practice has focused on flowers. Natural and ubiquitous while also highly engineered and commodified they provide rich cultural, technical and aesthetic terrain to explore the lengths man will go in pursuit of beauty. 

My sculpture, artefacts and visual works have been described as having a unique diaphanous quality that often makes them look like they were dredged from dreams or referenced from another reality. I try to cultivate a unique aesthetic and a method for researching, analyzing and communicating information across a variety of medium to a broad audience hoping the viewers will pick up the woven threads and discover their own connections between the pieces and the surrounding material world.

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