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Margo Selby

Collect Open 2020, Stand W3, West Wing

Textile artist Margo Selby presents Vexillum, a grand-scale series of handwoven artworks. These oversized geometric structures, each measuring 165 x 175cm, push the boundaries of what can be achieved on her 24-shaft hand loom and mark a new and progressive phase in Selby's textile art practice. Each composition is woven with over 18,000 strands of cotton, Tencel and silk yarns, blended in the construction to create a textural and graphic surface.

In this body of work Selby explores ideas inherent to weave: mathematical pattern, the binary system and simultaneous contrast of colour. These celebratory textiles embrace the symbiotic function of machine and hand, while playfully invoking abstraction and illusionism.

Margo Selby, Vexillum II, 2020, Cotton, Tencel and silk, 165 x 45 x 175cm, Photo Louise Tierney