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Marlène Huissoud

Marlène Huissoud

My work is a platform for innovation and sustainability. I’m looking to challenge the perception of materiality in different fields and to celebrate the beauty of new material properties.

I’m currently developing a project called "From Insects" which is a studies of insect materials from bees and silkworms. My father is beekeeper and it was very natural for me to celebrate the beauty of the craft of the insects. I’m developing objects and materials 100% natural and sustainable for a better future. I have developed for example a new material called “Wooden Leather” which is made out of silkworm cocoon fibres and honeybee bio resin. The material received a lot of interest because it is 100% sustainable and there is no use of any chemicals in the making process. 

All those new materials I have been working with has a lot of new properties to consider and I always try to challenge them with craft techniques, for examples I have tried all the different glass techniques with the honeybee bio resin: venetian, glass blowing, engraved techniques.

Please find below a Vimeo link for the video of the project:

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