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Oma Space

Oma Space is a design textile studio based in Seoul, Korea. From garments to art, its work connects the traditions and skills of ancient Asian textile practice through contemporary design.

It has a distinct philosophy incarnated by respect for traditional handcrafts and the environment. NUMEN is the first large-scale textile installation based on the relation Oma Space has with nature, working only with natural elements and rural craft people all over Asia. NUMEN explores longstanding traditional expression that can find contemporary form where craft, art and design intersect.

The essence of NUMEN remains primitive and shows a spirited representation of the cycle of nature, from birth to death. This cycle applies to all living things and all natural elements such as textiles.

NUMEN (def): A divine power believed to inhabit a particular object.

Oma Space, Blue space, 2017, Hand-spun cotton / hemp - natural indigo blue dye, 5 x 3 m, Photo: Oma Space