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Owl Project

Photosynthonium, 2015
Collaborative performance

Acts of Making, Plymouth.  Owl Project, Photosynthonium, 2014.  Photo: Sophie Mutevelian.

As part of Acts of Making Owl Project exhibited Photosynthonium, an interactive sound installation that turns light into sound through their iLog devices.  They also held a series of workshops to enable the public to make their own iLogs, as well as presenting live sonic art performances with their unique hand crafted instruments.  

Exhibition and workshops:
Photosynthonium is an interactive work that enables the public to create their own sound art performance.  Vibrations in the air are created by the lights in the pile of logs in the centre of the work.  These vibrations are detected by the iLog device and are converted into sound, which is amplified through three large horn speakers.

Acts of Making, Plymouth.  Owl Project, Photosynthonium, 2014.  Photo: Sophie Mutevelian.  The iLogs used in Photosynthonium are each carefully crafted by hand, with no two devices being the same. Owl Project have embraced this feature of the iLog, and in order to meet the demand they have from the public to buy their work, they have invited people to learn how to make their own in workshops.

Acts of Making, Bilston.  Owl Project, iLog making workshop.  Photo: Sophie Mutevelian.

Sound performance:
At the Plymouth and Gateshead festivals, Owl Project presented improvised sound performances.  This is another important element of their practice, where they fuse the functional music-making machines, they craft from traditional techniques, with modern technology and instruments.  At Mount Edgcumbe (Plymouth) they took part in a live sonic art performance evening presented by Plymouth’s Café Concrete.  The evening was curated by Café Concrete’s Matthew Coombe and also included performances by Piano: Forest, Sonic Literature and Koombe with DJ duties by David Strang.

Acts of Making, Plymouth.  Owl Project, Café Concrete sonic art performance night.  Photo: Sophie Mutevelian.

About the artists:
Owl Project consists of Simon Blackmore, Antony Hall and Steve Symons. They combine traditional craft skills with contemporary electronics, fusing sculpture and sound art. Performances of their sound works and collaborating with the public on projects like Photosynthonium are central to their artistic practice.

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