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Shelley James

Parallel Practices: Making for Medicine 2016

Trained in textiles in Paris, I pursued a career in corporate design, devising hands-on workshops to explore perception of brands from Visa and Cancer Research UK to Sarah Lee cakes.

Following a cycle accident, I needed to retrain the visual pathway in my own brain. Doing so led me to investigate perception from a personal perspective. While gaining a printmaking MA at UWE in Bristol, I developed new techniques for integrating the graphic impact of medical scans with the material and optical qualities of glass. I became fascinated by how making, particularly in glass, can crystallise and communicate powerful ideas.

I established collaborations with Bristol University and Eye Hospital, along with a Residency in Farnham, a PhD at the Royal College of Art and high-profile commissions. Clients include Royal Society, Moorfields Eye Hospital, Oxford Science Museum and Mathematics Institute, Science Gallery, Institute of Making, King’s College, Leeds University and Crafts Council England.


Shelley James