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Collect Open 2020, Stand S6, South Wing

SWAP is an experimental discourse between photographer Kasia Wozniak and jeweller Lucie Gledhill that focuses on the main component of both practices: silver.

Their collaboration relies on nitric acid, the means by which they are able to 'swap' silver from chain to photograph. The possibilities of silver for photography and jewellery are challenged through its change of state from solid metal to liquid silver nitrate.

Nitric acid has literally become the acid test. With the outcome impossible to predict, instead it becomes necessary to embrace chance and respond instinctively while working together. The material has resulted in a collaboration that develops and surprises in its originality.

SWAP 2, 2019, 18ct gold, silver, glass, 20.3 x 10.2 x 25.4cm, Photo Kasia Wozniak