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Founded in 1948 and a registered
charity since 1967, Contemporary
Applied Arts champions and
promotes only the very best of
British craft.
Bryan Illsley
Pair of Bangles, 2012
H1 x W7 x D4 cm
18 ct gold, silver
Photo: Sophie Mutevelian
Bryan Illsley was born in
1937 and studied at
Kingston School of Art. He
moved to St Ives in 1963 and
worked at the Leach Pottery.
In 1967, he established
a partnership with Breon
O’Casey, making studio
jewellery. His jewellery is
widely admired and
collected by those who
appreciate the timeless
quality of his forms and his
sensitive, individualist
handling of gold and silver.
Illsley has made a very
special, small collection of
work for COLLECT 2015,
which includes new
versions of some of his
iconic pieces. He has
exhibited widely throughout
the UK, and his work can be
found in a number of
prestigious private and
public collections.
Laura Youngson Coll
Opposite: Haeckel 1, 2014
H25 x W25 x D25 cm
Vellum, supernatural vellum,
hair, sheep leather, armature
Photo: Courtesy Perrier-
The minutiae of the natural
world is central to Laura
Youngson Coll’s work, much
of which considers the ways
we order and simulate the
natural world, to try and
understand its complexities.
The texture, palette and
material qualities of leather
and vellum are used to
convey the nuances of
this world. Techniques
of on-laying, paring and
manipulating saturated
leather are utilised,
disengaged from their
familiar function within
book-binding, and employed
to create surprise within her
intricate sculptural works.
Laura’s work is designed to
question assumptions about
the aesthetic of leather, and
also to provoke a closer look
at and articulate the often
89 Southwark Street
United Kingdom
T +44 (0) 20 7620 0086
Christine Lalumia,
Executive Director
Clare Maddison, Director
Becky Harle,
Gallery Manager
Fenella Elms, ceramics
Stewart Hearn, glass
Bryan Illsley, jewellery
Alice Kettle, textiles
Grant McCaig, metal
Angus Ross, furniture
Laura Youngson Coll, leather
overlooked details of the
environments we inhabit.
Initially trained as a sculptor
and installation artist,
Laura has worked with
bookbinders and
leatherworkers for many
years, learning traditional
techniques and taking
these skills back into her
sculptural work. This new
piece for COLLECT 2015
is part of Laura’s ‘Haeckel’
series, inspired by Ernst
Haeckel, a 19th century
zoologist, biological
philosopher and taxonomist
who made extraordinary
illustrations of biological
specimens and micro-
organisms. Laura was the
winner of the Perrier-Jouët
Arts Salon Prize 2014.
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