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methods, then therewill be another show
of final work at a later date,’ Gray adds.
Cockpit Arts conceptual jewellery
maker Katrin Spranger is alsoworking
collaboratively, albeit in a different way,
by calling on the technical skills of Julian
Sing, a chef and 3D-print expert based in
theNetherlands. They have produced a
honeycomb jewellery sculpture that
addresses sustainability and the vital
importanceof thehoneybee in fruit and
vegetableproduction. Thisnecklace
represents the food chain; on the last day
of the exhibition, viewers will be invited
to taste the installation.
It seems then, that if there is a thread
that ties this year’s projects together,
aside fromexperimentation, it is a
willingness towork together.
‘A lot of the artists aren’t working in
isolation, there are collaborations on all
sorts of levels,’ agrees COLLECTOpen
project curator Julia Ravenscroft. ‘It’s
such a beautiful, large gallery space that
the hope is always that it inspires the sort
of ambitious projects that don’t have
many outlets. This year, collaboration
seemsmuchmore embedded in the
makers’ practices with exciting results.’
The final group, ValeriaNascimento,
Sheng Tsang Chen andCristina Vezzini,
is a pooling of skills. Between them,
they have created a 5m-long wall
installation combining thematerials
they workwith: porcelain, bone china
and glass. Separately, they havemade
thousands of pieces, mostly shaped like
tiny little bowls, which are attached to
thin, stainless steel wire. Inspired by
nature, thewall beginswith just a few
pieces, then builds up until it grows
into a cascade.
‘We’ve used the stainless steel wire to
compose hand-crafted branches which
are layered across the wall to create a
sense of movement and depth,’ says
Vezzini, who as Chen’s business partner
and a part of Nascimento’s studio team is
the central link in the trio. ‘The piece is
not only a celebration of nature; it’s a
celebration of ourmediums.’ Which,
neatly, is COLLECTOpen in a nutshell.
Above: detail of the
Honey Jewellery
installation, Katrin
Spranger, 2013
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