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And if you’re feeling abit peckish
there areplentyof places toeat
Alessi has joined forceswith the coffee
expertNoble Espresso to create a café
and bar on the ground floor; upstairs on
the first floor Italian coffeemaker La
Marzoccowill be serving a newbrand of
coffee eachday, whilewines are available
froma bar created by theChilean
Embassy; finally on the top floor
Transport for Londonwill present a fully
serviced restaurant, designed byMichael
Sodeauwith furniture byModus and
upholstery byKirkbyDesign, to celebrate
the year of the bus.
There’s adecent-looking talks
programme too
Featuring big names such as Alberto
Alessi, Nigel Coates, TomDixon, and
TriciaGuild, alongside panel discussions
anddebates around subjects such as
intellectual property, newAfricandesign
and the relationship between craft and
Junction | 2014
Clockwise from
above: Bill Hilgendorf;
TomDixon (both
speaking on 20
September); La
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