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Directory FAQs


What is the Crafts Council Directory?
The Crafts Council Directory is a section of our website showcasing the work of talented makers across the UK. The Directory is selected by the Crafts Council to showcase the breadth and depth of craft talent in the UK, enabling people to find makers quickly, easily and enjoyably.

Who will be using this directory?
A broad range of users including retailers, curators, press, stylists, collectors, galleries, interior designers, architects and people wanting to search and source craft to buy or commission.

What are the criteria for selection?
High-quality work made or authored by the person applying using a recognised craft technique. It need not be a traditional craft product or even using a usual craft material but should demonstrate a high level of skill in application of a technique. Work should be well-made and not use elements sourced from other suppliers. Conceptual work must have a link to craft and/or craft techniques.

Do I have to be a professional maker?
The Directory is designed to enable people to find you and your work so if you make for your own enjoyment and do not sell, exhibit or teach we imagine there is little benefit to you applying. If you are an amateur or hobbyist but want to progress this passion into a career then please do come to one of our maker development days first before considering applying to the Directory.

Do I have to be a contemporary craft maker?
We are not making any distinction between heritage and contemporary.

Are designers allowed on the directory?
Designers will be selected on their making credentials rather than their design credentials.

Is it just makers in the UK?
The Directory is only open to makers based in the UK (with a UK bank account) at the moment but that may change in time.

What is the selection process of the new Crafts Council Directory?
Once you submit your profile it will be seen by members of three Crafts Council teams: the Directory team, Talent Development and the Communications team. If you get two or more approvals from this panel of three then your work has been approved. At this point the Directory Administrator will give you any feedback regarding alteration needed to your profile.

What if I want to change my images once I have been selected?
We want to encourage makers to change their images in order to showcase new work and keep their page refreshed and interesting.

Do I have to change my images?
You don’t have to change your images and projects but we encourage you to do so for the above reason.

What if I don’t want my images shared beyond the directory?
We are unable to stop people using the images that they find on the Directory however they will only be low resolution so unsuitable for commercial use. We encourage people to share images they like via the social media options so that we can go some way to make sure your image always appears with your name.

Can I add a Crafts Council Directory link to my website?
Once your profile has been approved, you will send you the Crafts Council Directory logo which you can embed on your website. This will be a dynamic link taking people directly to your own profile page.

Does any change in my profile need approval?
Any new images will be approved before going live on your profile. Once you have had ten new images approved then we will deem you a trusted source for update after which you will only be subject to random image-quality checks that will happen across the site at regular points.

What is the renewal process?
We will send you an automated renewal notification when your profile is due to expire. You will not have to go through the selection process again, but any new images, projects etc. will need to be approved by the Directory Administrator.

What happens if my application is unsuccessful?
We do not have the capacity to give detailed feedback if you are unsuccessful but you can re-apply after six months. We encourage unsuccessful applicants to sign up to our newsletter in order to find out about any professional development events that we run in the future.

What does the subscription fee go towards?
Your subscription fee goes towards the directory running and maintenance, as well as improvement, administration and marketing costs. Any profit made by the directory goes directly into the Crafts Council’s activity.

For more information about the Crafts Council Directory or if you need support, please email directory@craftscouncil.org.uk