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Who Said Broken

About this project

My philosophy is that everyone and everything is precious and nothing should go wasted. I started using the Japanese technique ́Kintsugi ́ when I had several kiln failures and most of my shell porcelain broke.
A handmade ceramic piece it ́s lots of hours of errors and experimentations. Using pure gold to put the pieces together led to an exceptional result . The cuddles transformed into a beautiful delicate art piece.


£50 — £1000


gold, broken, porous porcelain, ceramic


Ceramics, Pottery


Ceramics, Organic Material
moon collection
Photographer: Justin photography
Abalon broken candles
Photographer: Justin photography
Pure white porcelain pots
Photographer: Justin photography
Moon Collection
Photographer: Justin photography
Porcelain Kintsugi
Photographer: Justin Webb

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