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Carved Panels

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About this project

Combining wood-working skills with wall pieces is a new and exciting development for me. Early years spent painting and the change to carving chest fronts have had their influence. I make panels in series between furniture projects. 

These panels are reliant on the ambient light to model and bring the relief to life, they change with the time of day. The subject combines light effects upon water with the character of the wood itself.


carved, panel, water, oak, ripples, wood grain, surface




Wood, Mixed Media
New Panel
Photographer: A. McCurdy
Early stages trying something new. Progression from unweildly grinders to miniature brass planes that create and follow contours better.
Shaping begins
Photographer: A McCurdy
Roughing out begins with various tools including the noisy grinder. Outside jobs as far as I'm concerned.
Ruffled water/Raindrops
Photographer: A McCurdy Available high res.
Created using true perspective, the undulating surface has unpredictable effects on the disturbed ripples and wood grain.

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