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Design with the Unknown

About this project

A collaboration between Studio Oink and Aimee Bollu, the design process was based around the structure of the unknown; the two design studios have never met, interacting with each other only through social media. Found materials from each other’s cities were collected, traded and consumed by the other, with the outcomes nestling alongside each other in the completed collection.




Ceramics, Pottery, Conceptual, Design, Wood


Ceramics, Mixed Media, Recycled, Wood, Plastics
Studio Oink and Aimee Bollu
Photographer: Studio Oink
Design with the unknown

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Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery, Conceptual, Design
Materials Ceramics, Mixed Media, Organic Material, Recycled, Plastics

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Disciplines Ceramics, Pottery, Conceptual, Design, Wood, Glass
Materials Ceramics, Glass, Leather, Metal, Mixed Media, Plastics, Recycled, Wood