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Visual Distortion

About this project

This is a development from the ‘Deconstruction Reconstruction’ project. My aim was to, whilst still looking at abandoned and open spaces, refine my ideas and everything I learned from the previous project. I wanted to make a collection of work that not only showcased my newly developed welding skills but also my ability to use ‘heavy metal’ techniques to create work that would typical be created using ‘fine metal’ techniques. I wanted to blur the line between sculpture and wearable art jewellery


£92.4 — £210.7


jewellery, wearable art, sculpture, art jewellery, wearable sculpture, sculpture jewellery, welded steel, steel brooch, steel jewellery


Conceptual, Design, Metal work, Silversmithing, Jewellery


Photographer: Catherine Dineley
Photographer: Catherine Dineley
Photographer: Catherine Dineley

Previous project

Deconstruction Reconstruction

Disciplines Conceptual, Metal work, Design
Materials Metal

Next project

Horse Hair + Latex

Disciplines Jewellery, Conceptual
Materials Mixed Media, Organic Material, Recycled, Metal