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About this project

A selection of the commissions I have undertaken over the years.


commission, jewellery, jewellery making, wax carving, lost wax process


Jewellery, Metal work, Traditional, Design


Precious metal
Pleated Ammonite Pendant
Photographer: Alice Barnes
The client wanted their ammonite set into a necklace that incorporated my 'Pleated' designs.
Windmill Necklaces
Photographer: Alice Barnes
Made for three beautiful bridesmaids at a summer beach wedding.
Pleated Prism Rays Necklace
Photographer: Alice Barnes
A commission based on the principles of my Pleated Collection but also drawing on the client's love of prisms and refracted light.

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Disciplines Jewellery, Metal work, Design
Materials Precious metal, Metal

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Disciplines Jewellery, Design, Traditional
Materials Precious metal, Recycled