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Square Roots Collection

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About this project

Inspired by repetitive forms, origami and paper art, every piece in the Square Roots Collection begins as one or two square sheets of silver. Nothing is subtracted from these sheets, with the aim of drawing complex beauty from simplicity.

Each square is marked with a cutting pattern and then cut and formed by hand. All the while nothing is subtracted from the original material, so the whole square is retained and as little as possible is added.


£40 — £205


handmade, geometric, jewellery, origami, kirigami, paper folding, contemporary jewellery


Jewellery, Design, Traditional


Precious metal, Recycled
Geometric Rose Necklace
Photographer: James Parsons Photography
Two overlapping squares create the petals and the thorns emulated in this Geometric Rose silver necklace. Made from recycled sterling silver and plated with 22ct yellow gold
Octagram Necklace
Photographer: James Parsons
The Octagram Necklace is an eight-pointed star shaped pendant. It's composed of two overlapping silver squares that have been hand cut and formed into this stunning 3D flower-like shape.
Silver Bud Drop Earrings
Photographer: James Parsons
Four points meet like the petals of a rosebud to create these delicate silver drop earrings, and each side bows into a soft inverted curve.

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Disciplines Jewellery, Metal work, Traditional, Design
Materials Precious metal

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