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Votive Offerings, Fairy Godmothers and the Placebo Effect

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About this project

Work inspired by the Wellcome Trust’s Collection. 
Cell-like ceramic trinkets and internal organs are my modern day take on the ancient votive offerings.  Bottles of pills and medicines inspired me to consider the placebo effect and my ceramic pills are designed to stimulate the power of the mind. As a centrepiece to the exhibition I invite the viewers to become Fairy Godmothers and select their ideal qualities in an installation reflecting on the DNA lottery and genetic engineering.


£20 — £120


porcelain, conceptual, ceramics, placebo effect, Welcomme collection, pills, jewellery


Conceptual, Ceramics, Pottery, Glass


Ceramics, Glass
Porcelain Prayers
Photographer: Steve Speller
objects designed to be comforting talisman/fetish/keepsake with images from scientific drawings.
Porcelain pills
Photographer: Steve Speller
Playing around with the idea of pills and making them more psychologically effective ..these are 'heart pills' stomach pills'
Gene Pool
Photographer: Steve Speller
54 unique laboratory flasks in display cases- altered glass
Fertility and blood health bracelets
Photographer: Steve Speller
Porcelain, silver and garnets and lapis lazuli. (in glass petri dishes)
Three wishes
Photographer: Steve Speller
Porcelain bracelets with three 'c' words..for further explanation please contact Alison.

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