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Collect 2014 with Contemporary Applied Arts

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About this project

2014 saw a change in how Contemporary Applied Arts exhibited work at Collect. They chose to show just one maker from each discipline and Amanda was selected for Glass.
Amanda used this prestigious show to exhibit work that pushed her gravity formed glass work past the point of what is considered beautiful or functional.
CAA encouraged the display of these vessels in a more experimental setting, stepping away from the traditional white plinth.


£695 — £1350




Voyager Campaign Set I & II
Photographer: A J Simmons
Two Campaign Sets added to an imaginary supplies list for Voyager I & II as they travel the universe.
Gravity Works Set - Cluster
Photographer: A J Simmons
Tall gravity formed vessels held together magnetically to support the whole structure.
Gravity Works Set - yellow
Photographer: A J Simmons
An experiment in gravity, changing variables such as mass, heat and time to create slumped vessel forms.

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