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Outer Spaces at The Scottish Gallery

About this project

This July my first solo show opened at The Scottish Gallery in Edinburgh. It was the culmination of a year’s worth of work researching The Flow Country in Caithness and Sutherland in North east Scotland.

I have made work that investigates peat formation, the many layers of bog moss Sphagnum and other bog species create the thick Catotelm bottom layer that can be many metres deep, built up over many years.
Supported by The Scottish Gallery and Creative Scotland Open Project Funding.


£65 — £4200




Skyforms I, Duo Set
Photographer: Amanda Simmons
Large kiln formed glass vessels in response to the vast skyscapes in Caithness and The Flow Country.
Catotelm II
Photographer: Amanda Simmons
Medium kiln formed glass vessel made for Outer Spaces at The Scottish Gallery.
Moss Series
Photographer: Amanda Simmons
Raw glass powders, building up layers of colour and pattern which are then fired.
Printing and Drawing Research
Photographer: Amanda Simmons
My design process includes photography from the field and research of colour and pattern through printmaking. I find Japanese Woodblock Watercolour printing easy to translate into the layering and mark making I use in the glass work.
Acrotelm Vessel in Progress
Photographer: Amanda Simmons
At each stage of the work with glass powders, I'm investigating how the light is reacting to the work. Cold working processes to come before it is finished.

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