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What is Precious?

About this project

With this collection, Amy wanted to challenge what we see as a precious material. Whilst exhibiting her collections Amy found so many visitors were afraid of her work, afraid to wear what is actually such a common material. The conversations sparked a great interest in, why? What is so different about wearing cement, than wearing a gemstone? The predominant materials found in this collection are cement, brass, silver and steel.


£40 — £500


cement, silver, brass, mixed media, contemporary, jewellery, contemporary jewellery, traditional jewellery




Mixed Media, Precious metal
What is Precious? Pendants
Photographer: Amy Stringer
White and pink cement set onto brass backed pendants with silver claws and silver box chain
What is Precious? Dome Brooches
Photographer: Amy Stringer
Cement domes in a variety of colours and textures, housed in brass and copper cases with steel brooch pins. Several are detailed with moss and one also has a silver crown set Lemon Quartz
What is Precious? Brooch
Photographer: Amy Stringer
Blackened brass with a steel brooch pin houses a beautiful grey and white cement dome with moss details

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Materials Mixed Media, Precious metal

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