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Oak Mosaic Matching Bar Cabinets

About this project

This project was truly a labour of love!  Over 11000 hand-applied oak blocks to create the mosaic sections on the doors of both cabinets.  Then the cubes that had taken endless hours to place were burned carefully to create a charred effect.  The handles and most of the ironmongery in brass were also crafted in-house.  Finishing touches are added by the Gilded Gass and the Verde Leathered Marble.


bespokefurniture, bespoke, luxury, handcrafted


Wood, Furniture, Metal work


Wood, Metal, Mixed Media, Leather
Mosaic door panel and bespoke handle
Photographer: Andrea Felice
Mosaic Bar Cabinets in situ
Photographer: Andrea Felice
Open bar cabinet
Photographer: Andrea Felice
Both the doors and the top open
Hand applying each small cube of oak
Photographer: Andrea Felice
Over 11,000 small cubes of oak were hand applied
Mosaic Cabinet
Photographer: Andrea Felice

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