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Curious collection - Jewellery collection

About this project

Colourful geometric jewellery is inspired by narrative and memory, communicating through abstract interpretations of sound waves that are brought together to create bold interactive pieces.


£65 — £200


Geometric jewellery, silver, resin, magnetic, angelina jane, colourful jewellery, hand made, pop of colour


Jewellery, Conceptual, Design


Precious metal, Mixed Media, Plastics, Ceramics
Geometric sliver and resin ring
Photographer: Angelina Jane
Geometric minimalist red, grey and orange sliver and resin ring with a slightly domed semi matt finish
Geo Ring
Photographer: Angelina-Jane
Angular silver plain ring, with flashes of colour from the sides- bold and versatile
Pop earrings
Photographer: Angelina-Jane
These sterling silver studs play with positive and negative space, with a pop of colour
Geo Ring
Photographer: Angelina-Jane
Hand carved sterling silver and resin clay ring.

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Inspiration and Illustration

Disciplines Design, Jewellery, Paper, Technology
Materials Mixed Media

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Disciplines Jewellery, Conceptual, Design, Stone working
Materials Precious metal, Stone, Plastics, Ceramics