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Cycle of Time

About this project

Inspired by ‘Emptiness’ the circle is not a circle it is a spiral, evoking movement. The cyclical rhythm of time. This work responds to the beauty of asymmetry and imbalance, and no two sides are the same.  The characteristic of leather matures with age. I combine this with the use of gold to create shadows and depth, giving off an intensity of warmth and light.  The resulting leather wall sculpture makes a bold statement.  The finished size is 125cm x 90cm x   0.8mm.


£180 — £4500


leather, mixed media, gold, sculptural, conceptual


Leather working, Traditional, Conceptual


Leather, Mixed Media
Cycle of Time
Photographer: Anita Carnell
125cm x 90cm x 0.8mm - Leather, mixed media
Cycle of Time
125cm x 90cm x 0.8mm. - Hand Stitched Leather wall covering. Leather, Mixed Media. My circle implies an idea of movement, and symbolises the cycle of time, the perpetual motion of me creating when my mind is free.
Cycle of Time
Photographer: Michael Lenny
Leather Wall Art - Irregular spiral.
Chance of 7
Photographer: Michael Lenny

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