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Soft Engineering: Textiles Taking Shape

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About this project

This joint exhibition, with knitter Alison Ellen, ply-split braider Julie Hedges and weaver Deirdre Wood, will show how our approaches to making interconnect and overlap, despite our using different techniques and structures. A central theme - textiles taking shape through the interplay of raw material and structure - plays out in varied ways, with the repetition and shifting of simple shapes, pleating, folding, twisting and double sides.

Whitchurch Silk Mill
30 March - 23 June 2019


£30 — £300


textiles, materials, structure, emerging shapes




Triple Spiral neckpiece
Photographer: Ann Richards
Silk, steel and polyester reflective yarn.. This neckpiece is constructed through repetition and displacement of a simple shape, to create a piece whose pleats spiral about the neck. [Collection of the Crafts Study Centre, UCA, Farnham]
Crepon Bracelet
Photographer: Ann Richards
Silk, steel, copper and polyester. The bracelet is woven as a simple tube on the loom and only acquires its shape when soaked in water, when the shrinkage of high-twist silk is played off against the stiff metal yarn at the edges.
Triple Spiral bracelets
Photographer: Ann Richards
Silk/steel, crepe silk and other materials

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