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Aria and Glow Blok

About this project

Contained within a glass frame, the Blok radiates colour as if lit from within. Using a live-edge translucent material to capture the light and transmit it to the edges, it is stitched through with looped neon ribbon. Inspired by patterns created by seaweed in rock pools, the flowing lines of stitching create a striking, vibrant three-dimensional ‘drawing’ in space.

Individual blocks measure 25 x 25 x10cm, or available by the square metre as building blocks to create installations and stacks.


neon, glass, colour, cube, screens, installations, stacks, ribbon, live edge, light


Glass, Plastics
Aria and Glow Bloks
Photographer: Colin Hawkins
Glow Bloks (detail)
Photographer: Colin Hawkins
Aria Blok
Photographer: Colin Hawkins

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