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Plates and Dishes

About this project

The flat form of the plate or platter and the wide generous form of a large dish provide a fabulous vehicle for decoration, storytelling and exploring texture and colour in ceramics.


£45 — £350


dish, plate, platter, linocut


Ceramics, Pottery


Two ships with a pink iceberg
Photographer: Anne Barrell
There is a naive quality to the decoration. I was commissioned to make some large dishes referring to a trip to Greenland and it set off a whole range of imagery.
Linocut ship platter
Photographer: Anne Barrell
Soft painterly glazes break on the form and decoration to highlight the warmth of the red earthenware clay.
Ships in a tree lined harbour
Photographer: Anne Barrell
A large dish with painterly decoration. There is also a lot of detail on the back.

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